X3 Disinfection Integral Dental Unit/Dental Chair

X3 Disinfection Integral Dental Unit

* 9 memories patient position

* Water Top-filling design, easy to add distilled water for handpiece use or all hoses disinfection purpose

* Clean up chair position enables the high work efficiency from dentists' daily work

* First-aid position/emergency keeps away of risk of emergency incident from surgery

* Built-in music function and ergonomic upholstery cushion maximums the comfort of the patient.

* Spit restoration enable patient return to the last position after spitting, better use experience to patient

* 9 seconds backrest movement from the highest point to -5 degrees 

* Over 135KG  weight supplied gear motor with big torque force , long lifespan and steady quality

Product Details

integral dental unit
X3 2020 Disinfection Integral Dental Unit is one of the middle-range dental units from Cingol dental chairs/dental units series,it features the most common useful clean-up and first-aid position,which helps the dentist to improve work efficiency and keep away of risk of an emergency incident.Built-in music function and ergonomic upholstery cushion,it has maximums the comfort of the patient.


Humanized functions for high effective work experience



  • Always by your side

The new designed doctor instrument tray allows dentist easy to reach every instruments on the rack. Big space under the tray which able to moves the tray to any appropriate position during surgery period,and it allows you to get close to the patient in a right posture,avoiding pain and fatigue .

9 memories patient positions, enable dentist to save the most comfort position to patients,increases the satisfaction of sevice 




  • USB Charging port

Cingol dental chair has features 5V DC universal charging port integrated
on 3-in-1 cup dispenser,it helps patient or dentist charging mobile
phone or tablets when in use.




  • 70°Sidebox rotation

70°Sidebox rotation enables 4 hands operation in surgery
(dentist&assistant works together)






  • Clean-up Position & First-Aid Position

-When dentists press “ C “ button,the chair rises up to highest point& spittoon flushes itself and LED operation light turned off automatically which saves time and improves work efficiency.

-As we know that safety is the first priority thing for any treatment, therefore, when the patient feels uncomfortable during the surgery, doctor can press”
+ ” button, First-aid Position to adjust the dental unit move to the first-aid position in shortest time. Our dental unit backrest will down to -5 degrees, chair seat will up to the highest point , easy for doctor to rescue patient life .




  • Detachable Sidebox for Ease Maintenance

New detachable sidebox doors help technician easy to check and remove Malfunctions




  • Assistant Multifunctional Tray

You can use the assistant stool to control patient chair seat and backrest up and down,
spittoon flushing ,heating, cup filling and lamp control.




  • Multi -Functional Foot Pedal

The Foot Pedal let doctor easy to controls LED operation lamp and cup filler,
water air separately design easy to separately control water and air ,
and it also features Chip blow button and backrest/ seat up and down control function,
easy to use and efficient for surgery


Ergonomics design for whole comfort of patient & dentist




  • Ergonomics Chair Upholstery

The dental chair upholstery designed according ergonomics, and fits human body seamless.
It will reduce the stress and fatigue when seat for a long time during surgery, friendly to users.





  • Double-articulating headrest
           Adjusts easily for optimal patient positioning.



  • Skidproof Handrest

The handrest is skidproof, it has better hold experience through high-quality craftwork,
caring more about our patient.




  • Dimmable  6 Holes Dual-Color LED Lamp

T.MASTER brand Dual-color LED Operating Lamp with high LUX white light to enable shadow-less focus light for surgery use, doctors able to control the light color and intensity by PIR sensor. The WinQ dental lamp arm is flexible and easy & accurate to fix position for dentist,giving a better user experience




  • Metal Backrest & Aluminum Bent Board

Metal Backrest design enables easy replacement when the backrest cushion is broken or leather faded after long time use;
Aluminum bent board combines with metal backrest ensures safety for the patient, steady and strong.

The flat backrest leaves enough space for doctors & assistance.
Legs can freely stretch under the backrest to avoid the soreness caused by V-shaped position during Surgery.



  • Better installation experience to dealers
The sidebox is connected in the middle of the dental chair frame through an strong metal rotary pole, making the whole device more stable.
The strong metal rotary pole enables our dental chairs able to enter through the narrow door which less than 70CM width in lift or clinic room,
our dealer will have no worry to installation anymore in different dental clinic.



  • Music Function from Bluetooth & Disk built-in

All series of CINGOL 2020 Dental units has featured music function,
the noisy sound caused anxious will be reduced by the melody from the backrest,
and it has maximizes the treatment experience


Hygienic solution keeps virus away from your clinic 





  • Ergonomics Doctor Stool

The stools features 6 ways adjustment to enable doctor has more choices to choose the right position, the backrest can support doctor waist , doctor will not feel fatigue when seat for a long time during surgery. Metal base with 5 way support , more stable and durable, noiseless and quality wheels makes movement super quite and perfectly fit the quite dental clinic use. 





  • Silicone Rubber Cover

Silicone Rubber Cover is removable & enable to put into autoclave for sterilizing,
to avoid cross contamination



  • Built-in Two Bottles for distilled water & disinfectants

-Hose disinfection protects dentists&patients away from cross contamination -Built-in double bottles water supply system for distilled water & disinfectants,
The water can pour into the bottles from the top of the side box,
Easy to operate & improve work efficiency. -Two built-in disinfection bottles ensures the fast flushing for all the instrument hoses after disinfection.






  • 180 degrees New Rotation Ceramic Spittoon

-The Spittoon can easy rotate 180 degrees & fits the demand of different spiting angle.
-Bigger spittoon with better performance easy to clean and disinfecting






  • Detachable Suction Filter

-Rotary suction filter is able to replace and clean to make sure the suction hoses is hygiene and clear. -It’s rotary suction hose head which easy to dismount and maintain


Safety is the very first part of user experience




  • Interlock system

When dentist use handpiece, scaler in doctor tray,
those instruments will be locked when you step on the air pedal



  • Seat decline protection

When the dental unit declining by misoperation , the seat cushion will be going up slightly after the gear motor cover touches legs or other objects to avoid accident.




Quality is the foundation of reputation

Metal Instrument Tray Base


Ti-Alloy Handpiece Tubing connector


Imported 3-Way Syringe


Import Brand Gear Motor


USA Made Air/Water Tubing


Anti-Rust Stainless Steel Tube


Self-designed Diagram Detection System


USA Dupont membrane & valve


Durable Input water filter & air regulator


All ABS Plastic by Injection Moulding


Water&Air Separate Sidebox Frame


Anti-Rust Steady Chair Frame



Part Name
Part Name
4-hole Handpiece Hoses
LED operating lamp
Water Tank(air pressurized)
24V DC gear motor
Spittoon flush & Cup filler
Strong suction head
Multifunctional Pedal
Saliva ejector
Built-in Film viewer 24V 
Dentist stool
Doctor tray
Assistant tray

Functions Summary
  • Instrument tray with metal base
  • 9 memories patient position
  • Dismountable metal backrest
  • The backrest is fully metal base and dismountable, easy for installation ,clean and cushion replacement
  • Rotatable dental unit cabinet box facilitates 4-hand operation and easy for maintenance
  • Multi-functional Assistant Tray allows assistant to control chair position,cuspidor flushing ,water heating and cup filling.
  • Multi-Functional Foot Pedal is easy to use and efficient for dentist.
  • Ergonomics designed Chair fits human body seamless,comfortable for patient during long time surgery.
  • Dimmable LED Operation Light is shadowless focus,flexible and easy to use.
  • 3-In-1 Main Switch &Emergency Stop allows to turn on/off the power/water/air system with one switch, simple and efficient. Moreover,it is an emergency stop switch.
  • Ergonomic Doctor Stool with 6 ways adjustment allow doctor to choose the suitable position.
  • DC 5V Universal USB port allows mobile phones charging.

Chosing Your Favorite Colors

Micro Fiber Leather

integral dental unit
Dental Unit
Input Voltage : AC220V-230V
Water Pressure : 0.20-0.40Mpa/2.0-4.0bar
Air Pressure :0.55-0.80Mpa/5.5-8.0bar
Output : ≥55L/min (water vacuum)
≥55L/min (air vacuum)
Weight : 235kg

LED Lamp
Input voltage: AC12V-24V, 50/60Hz
Power: 18W
Max Lux: ≥25000Lux
Min Lux: ≤3000Lux
Color Temp.: 5000-5300K/2700-3200K
Dimmable: PIR sensor by 2 grades light intensity adjustment
Weight: 1000g



integral dental unit

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