2020 Cingol Annual Conclusion Meeting

                                                              2020 Cingol Annual Conclusion Meeting

Thanks to the hard work of Cingol family in the past year, On January 23, 2021, all staff of the company jointly opened the annual meeting.

CEO Mr.King summed up: looking back on 2020, the company has ushered in a very challenging year since its establishment. The whole company has united as one to face the difficulties, implemented ERP management system and refined management system, and promoted the "Cingol Ten Million Boutique Plan".
We are looking forward to the brand-new 2021 with full expectation. We will not forget our original intention, live up to the expectations of the public, and create a new chapter for the future. We will create new brands : “Yuntu” and “Jingchi”

Cinboy---Jason sing a song for everyone <Hello Tomorrow>

Family Party

Game Time--Everyone got a lot of prizes

We are at the forefront of the times together ,we pursue our dreams with actions.
Keep Innovation, development, 2021 let's create a new pattern with you


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