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The 6th years anniversary of Cingol Medical

The 6th years anniversary of Cingol Medical

Since 2012, we have started our R&D office for researching & developing dental unit, the official company has registered in July of 2014, and our ‘CINGOL brand & the first model X1 dental unit had launched to the market after we have officially received the licenses from the government for manufacturing & selling dental equipment in China.

From 2015 -2018, we have designed and manufactured 3 series dental products which have covered the entry-level, middle-range and high-end dental units, most of the humanized functions has collected from ‘Seeking Dental Unit Inventor” online & offline platform, the platform has attracted over 50,000+ dentists participation,we estimated &selected the clinical suggestions and used on our new products.our product has fulfilled the different demand among the market through 3 Series dental unit.



Due to the limited factory size of Cingol Medical in last 4 years, Cingol medical decided to change a new modern factory for higher demand request product manufacturing and delivers a better experience for Cingol stuffs and customers.

Innovation is part of our story. Even the previous 3 series dental unit products have gained good feedback from the market, due to the extreme pursuit of high craftwork and higher demands from our end-users. Thus, Cingol has decided to update the current products, and we have invested over 10 million CNY to updated the full series dental unit from June of 2019 to July of 2020, full series of the dental unit has launched to the market after high-standard and strictly testing from our R&D department.



Despite the dental unit products, Cingol Medical has launched 2 sub-brand ‘WinQ’ & ‘T.MASTER’, ‘WinQ’ focused on high-end suction series dental equipment designing and manufacturing. ‘T.MASTER’ for dental educational equipment designing&manufacturing.



Cingol Medical has celebrated the 6th years anniversary day with the whole company’s staff and announce the opening of the 5th “Seeking Dental Unit Inventor” program.

2020 was special for us, Cingol was celebrating 6 years anniversary in China in the condition of Covid-19 Pandemic around the world. From the first R&D office to the business has spread over 70 countries with 300 distributors around the world.
For stands out from the market, we have always applied value-adding innovative ideas combined with up-to-date operational methodologies. Our team has worked consistently this whole time to achieve our goal – becoming an excellent dental equipment manufacturer in the market.

 We are so proud of our active team full of creativity, professional drive, innovative ideas and determination to make them work. We truly appreciate the loyalty of our personnel; therefore, we are especially grateful to those colleagues whose professional activity at CINGOL lasts over 6 years.

We believe the power of innovation, 'Cingol' will constantly create minor but valuable innovations to benefit our users.

Stay young, Stay positive!

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