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About the choice of dental chair

First of all, it depends on how big your expected business volume is. If your expected business volume is very small and the budget is not large, then it is recommended that you buy a pneumatic hydraulic dental chair. This dental chair has a low price but poor durability. If it is a dental clinic with a good business volume, the main consideration is electric dental chairs.

After choosing the dental chair model, it depends on whether the configuration is suitable for you. If you are an oral physician and do not need strong suction, you can avoid strong suction. Observe the appearance of the machine to see if the joints of the shells are tightly connected. If the gap is large, it indicates that the quality is not good enough.

Take a look at the finish and processing accuracy of the metal fittings. The metal fittings here mainly refer to the three-purpose spray gun and the mobile phone sleeve. If they are rough, it means that the quality is not good. Finally, open the shell to observe the heart of the chair position control: the motor or the oil pump.

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