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Dental Equipment | Classification of dental equipment

Foshan Cingol Medical Instrument located in Nanhai District ,Foshan,Guangdong,China, focused on dental instruments research development ,manufacture and sales;the RD dept.was set up in May of 2012,Company officially registered in July of 2014; dedicated to provide the best, efficient and safest dental products to users from China and the whole world.We provide dental equipment. You can browse related products and initiate consultations on our website.
Classification of dental equipment:
1. Shared dental equipment
Comprehensive treatment table and ancillary equipment, dental chair, high-pressure sterilization equipment and ancillary products (constant temperature electric oven, high-temperature high-pressure steam sterilization oven, high-temperature sterilization dryer, ultraviolet and ozone light, ultrasonic cleaner, dental handpiece sterilizer, ultrasonic Washer, electric heating incubator, mobile phone cleaning and oiling machine), imaging X-ray equipment/washing film and accessories, digital imaging products, microscope/endoscope/magnifying glass (magnifying glass, microscope, mini dental camera, intraoral digital camera) , High- and low-speed mobile phones, mobile phone parts, air compressors, high-speed turbines, dental laser equipment (low-power laser machines, water laser systems, tooth whitening laser systems, dental laser comprehensive treatment equipment), anesthesia equipment and related equipment, water filtration Softening system, suction and drainage devices, diagnostic equipment, dental lamps, office furniture and decoration, instrument cabinets/instrument racks/tables, doctor seats, electric dental drills, oral and facial photography equipment and equipment, high and low speed burs , Grinding heads, polishing materials, bulbs, bearings, three-purpose guns, cleaning lubricants, dental treatment chairs, automatic dental comprehensive treatment tables, turbine handpieces, various power air compressors, physician seats, nurse seats, desktop electric Ah drilling rigs, micro electric dental drilling rigs, pneumatic dental drilling rigs, built-in or independent negative pressure suction and sewage devices. other.
2. Equipment for four departments of oral cavity (internal, external, restoration and orthodontics)
(1) Intraoral equipment
Common dental inspection equipment, light curing equipment, ultrasonic root canal treatment equipment, root canal treatment decelerating motor, ultrasonic/sand blasting scaler, whitening device, amalgam blending mixer, high-frequency electric knife, laser, light curing machine, ultrasonic Dental scaler, powder spray scaler, amalgam blender, root canal enlarger, root canal length measuring instrument, pulp activity test. others.
(2) Oral surgery, planting equipment
Dental implant machine, electric surgical equipment, ultrasonic knife, saliva measuring equipment, joint disease diagnosis and treatment equipment, first aid equipment, negative pressure suction device, monitor, dental implant machine, implant denture equipment, implant, implant machine, nail machine, retrieval Mold machine. other.

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