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Equipment performance requirements for dental chairs:

Equipment performance requirements for dental chairs:
*3. 1. The whole organization of dental chair and treatment machine adopts 24V safe low voltage.
*3.2. The shell of the dental treatment machine cannot be made of plastic material, it must be non-toxic, tasteless, durable and easy to clean;
The back and cushion PU of the Ke chair back and cushion must be made of imported soft materials, and the overall compression molding is used to facilitate cleaning and disinfection, and the design is generous,
Comfortable and ergonomically designed.
3.3. The dental chair must have an emergency brake safety device, and the backrest and seat cushion must have a safety switch function.
3.4. The electric dental chair must have the function of emergency setting of the anti-shock chair position with an overall minus 5 degrees and a height of 90 cm.
*3.5. The dental chair is equipped with an automatic fault detection system, and can be visually displayed in numeric or letter codes.
3.6. The dental chair has no less than 8 programmable chair positions.
*3. 7. The dental chair has the function of setting the chair position for the disabled to avoid getting on and off the wheelchair.
3. 8. Both the head frame and backrest of the dental chair have the function of self-adjustment according to the height of the patient.
3.9. The dental chair is equipped with P (DC/frequency conversion/speed regulation) system, equipped with imported low-voltage DC motor, with instant lifting and lowering
With the delay function, the patient can't feel the momentary momentum of the chair, and there is no frustration.
3.10. The balance arm of the treatment machine has the function of automatic lifting and lowering, that is, the assistant position directly cleans the balance arm position setting of the instrument without air control unlocking
3.11, the treatment machine must be a top-hanging instrument operation mode, and the mobile phone connection is an imported hose, which is light and durable, without back pulling
Power, the pull-up lever can be flexibly operated autonomously in the range of 170°.
3.12 The treatment instrument table is equipped with a sterilizable silicone rubber sheet.
3.13. The treatment machine is equipped with a whole ceramic phlegm for easy cleaning
3.14. The multifunctional assistant frame of the treatment machine can be rotated, and it has the functions of film viewing light, flushing bowl, mouthwashing, chair control, etc.
And equipped with three-purpose gun, strong suction and weak suction

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