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Introduction to different dental equipment

There are roughly the following types of dental equipment:

1. Definition of dental chair: mainly used for inspection and treatment of oral surgery and oral diseases. According to the needs of treatment, manipulate the control switch button, the dental chair can complete the movements of ascending, descending, pitching, tilting posture and resetting etc.

2. Turbine

3. Mobile phone. There are many types of mobile phones. According to the speed and structure, they can be divided into high-speed mobile phones and low-speed mobile phones. High-speed mobile phones use high-pressure air to drive the micro-turbine in the head of the mobile phone. The turbine speed can reach (3-5)×10r/min. The speed can reach 15m/s, and the speed of the low-speed mobile phone is only thousands of revolutions per minute because of the gear rotation.

4. LED light curing
Definition: LED light curing machine is a machine used to cure photosensitive resin materials when dentists help patients to repair their teeth. The LED light curing machine is composed of a light source part and a control circuit. Product scope of application: curing resin materials for dental restoration

5. Ultrasonic scaler
Definition: Ultrasonic dental scaler is a dental scaler used in the ultrasonic dental scaler process. The dental scaler is pushed through ultrasonic waves, and the vibrating dental scaler working head is extended into the oral cavity to loosen plaque, tartar and fine tartar. The adhesion of the teeth breaks the dirt on the surface of the teeth, while continuously washing with water, removes the calculus on the surface of the teeth, and completes the washing.

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