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Learn more about what is dental chair equipment?

With the improvement of people's living standards, they also attach great importance to oral problems. So, what is a dental chair?

In fact, dental chairs are used for oral surgery and inspection and treatment of oral diseases, and most of them now use electric dental chairs. The action of the dental chair is controlled by the control switch on the back of the chair. The control switch starts the motor and drives the transmission. The mechanism works, so that the corresponding parts of the dental chair move. According to the needs of treatment, by operating the control switch button, the dental chair can complete movements such as ascending, descending, pitching, tilting and resetting.

In the common impression, the traditional dental chair is usually a simple dental treatment machine, which is very common in clinics with limited conditions. Although these chairs are relatively simple and easy, they can meet the treatment needs of ordinary dentists.

Dental Chair

However, with the continuous development of science and technology, everyone has a new understanding of the design concept of the dental chair, which is mainly designed for convenience, comfort, safety and health. Different grades of dental chairs generally have a variety of personalized operating procedures, and according to the physician's personal habits, different treatment positions can be set, and they can also be stored in a program.

In addition, some mid-to-high-end dental chairs are usually equipped with fully automatic consoles. The chair position can be adjusted by the up, down, and inclination of the backrest and knee joints, making the patient more suitable for treatment. It is also equipped with a non-slip doctor chair and a multi-functional foot control device. The doctor can use his feet to control during the treatment process, and realize the on-off action of water and air guns without stopping the operation of the equipment.

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