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Successful Conclusion of Dental South China 2020

Successful Conclusion of  Dental South China 2020

The 25th Dental South China Expo was successfully concluded on September 16-19,2020 in the Area C of China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex Guangzhou. The exhibition was organized by Guangdong Science & Technology Cooperation Center, coorganized by Guangdong Stomatological Association and Stomatological Medical Management Branch of Guangdong Hospital Association and operated by Guangdong International Science & Technology Exhibition Company.
Over the past 25 years, with the continuous expansion of exhibition scale, the number of exhibitors and visitors increases year by year and Dental South China becomes a sound brand.

After more than six months of waiting.
Everyone is looking forward to the 25th South China International Dental Exhibition.
Finally grand opening today!

In the early morning, the audience entered the exhibition in an orderly manner with eagerness.
The scene is crowded, so lively~

When you walk through the hall, you will find Cingol Medical advertisement everywhere.

Handsome us! Cingol Family cool

At the new product launch event, Cingol Medical actively demonstrated our new products and technologies, Cingol disinfection dental unit, which attracted intense attention from dental industry professionals.  

With patented  ASTER disinfection circle system
X1 Hanging type

X3 Cart type

X5 Top mounted type

There are also wonderful programs on site, such as model catwalks, saxophone, violin, etc., which make people linger.

Also our Sub-brand : Foshan  Winq  Medical Technology Co.,Ltd had shown us the new products:
Wet Suction
Air Compressor
Mobile Suction

Although the exhibition is over, but the excitement will not stop.
Thank you everyone.
Get together next year.
We meet on May 10-13,2021, Guangzhou


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