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  • The function of the dental chair:

The function of the dental chair:

The function of the dental chair:

It is mainly used for inspection and treatment of oral surgery and oral diseases. At present, electric dental chairs are mostly used. The main structure of the medical | education | network collection is divided into 8 parts. The bottom plate of the whole machine is fixed to the ground, and the bottom plate is connected to the upper part of the dental chair through a bracket. The movement of the dental chair is controlled by The working principle of the control switch on the back of the chair is: the control switch starts the motor and drives the transmission mechanism to move the corresponding parts of the dental chair. According to the needs of treatment, by manipulating the control switch button, the dental chair can complete the movements of ascending, descending, pitching, tilting posture and resetting.
So that medical staff can perform smooth and relevant examinations and treatments on patients. The patient can also have a comfortable experience when lying down for treatment.

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