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The role and use of a dental simulator

1. The software adopts two-handed six-degree-of-freedom electric transmission precision force tactile device and real-time three-dimensional graphics drawing method, the picture is clear and realistic, with a three-dimensional feeling.

2. The switch panel controls the start of the simulator and enters the simulated operation. (Concise and clear, easy for students to operate)

3. When entering the actual operation interface training, use the operating handle and button switch on the simulator to operate the machine to achieve the purpose of training and assessing students.

4. Observe the machine from different perspectives from the 3D observation window.

5. The software has text operation prompts and icon prompts. When performing different oral operations, there will be text prompts on how to operate, which is convenient for students to operate

6. The software has an error prompt function. If the student violates the rules, the system will automatically prompt and deduct the corresponding score.

7. The software establishes a full oral model that simulates periodontal disease, in which the color, shape, and quality of the gums need to correspond to the degree of disease.

8. The software presets different shapes and sizes of calculus in different positions. The calculus is yellow-brown, black and other colors; different physical properties of gums, calculus, and teeth need to be set, and sharp probes, periodontal probes and various cleaning tools are provided. Governance and curettage.

9. The software can simulate the operation feel and effect of clinical root surface smoothing.

The software can provide simulation of the bleeding effect; the soft gingival tissue should be able to deform; the follow-up operations of periodontology mainly include incision of the soft gingival tissue, removal of diseased granulation tissue, alveolar bone formation, suture, etc.
dental simulator

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