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What are the difficulties in dental chairs design?

When you were a kid, were you scared to see a dentist? In fact, dentists are not terrible either. Dentists will use dental chairs during examinations. Although dental chairs look very simple, there are also difficulties in the design of dental chairs. What are the specific difficulties?

The dental chair is mainly used for inspection and treatment of oral surgery and oral diseases. At present, electric dental chairs are mostly used. The main structure is divided into 8 parts. The bottom plate of the whole machine is fixed on the ground, and the bottom plate is connected to the upper part of the dental chair through a bracket. The action of the dental chair is controlled by the control switch on the back of the chair. Its working principle is: control the switch to start the motor and drive the transmission mechanism to work to make the corresponding parts of the dental chair move. According to the needs of treatment, by manipulating the control switch button, the dental chair can complete the movements of ascending, descending, pitching, tilting posture and resetting.

dental chairs

Design difficulties: in terms of hygiene and environmental protection: According to epidemiological data, there are serious cross-infection problems in oral diagnosis and treatment in my country. The infection rate of hepatitis B in dentists is 3-6 times that of ordinary people, the positive rate of HBV among dentists is 25.8%, and the total positive rate of HBV pollution in dental handpieces is 62%. Therefore, preventing cross-infection of dental equipment is an important factor to be considered in the design of dental chairs.

The design tenet of the dental chair is convenience, comfort, safety, etc. The middle and high-end chairs generally have a variety of personalized operating procedures, and different treatment positions can be set depending on the physician's individual habits.

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