X3 standard Dental Chair/Dental Unit

Make everything simple.Ease to use,dentist convenient,Patient comfortable.

-- Clean up chair position
To clean up after treatment, just simply press "C" .
Automatically, the chair will be raised to highest position, cuspidor flushing,LED operation light off.
Time saving and work efficiency.
-- Three dentists 9 positions memory program
Allows up to three dentists to save their habitual chair positions,efficiency and quality of work.
-- Water heating system
Water temperature adjustable for all tubes, more comfortable gargling.

Product Details

Dental Unit
Input Voltage: AC220V-230V
Water Pressure: 0.20-0.40Mpa/2.0-4.0bar
Air Pressure: 0.55-0.80Mpa/5.5-8.0bar
Output : ≥55L/min (watervacuum)
≥55L/min (air vacuum)
Weight: 250kg

LED Lamp
Input voltage: AC12V-24V, 50/60Hz
Power: 10W
Max Lux: ≥25000Lux
Min Lux: ≤8000Lux
Color Temp.: 5300-5700K
Dimmable: PIR sensor by 2 grades light intensity adjustment
Weight: 1240g

High speed 4 holes handpiece(turbine) tubing 2 pcs
Low speed 4 holes handpiece(turbine) tubing 1 pc
Water tank (air pressurized) 3 pcs
Syringe 2 pcs
Strong suction and saliva ejector(weak suction) 1 set
LED operating light 1 pc
24V Gear motor 2 pcs
Cuspidor flush & Cup filler 1 set
Multifunctional Pedal 1 pc
Built in Film viewer 24V 1 pc
Dentist stool 1 pc
Cuspidor 1 pc
Fiber leather upholstery 1 set
Main tray 1 pc
Assistant tray 1 pc
The manufacture reserve the right to alter and improve the specification without notice.


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