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Caries: Caries is a common disease in oral diseases. The main reason is that the teeth are not cleaned for a long time, which leads to the accumulation of plaque to decompose bacteria, produce acids and continue to erode the teeth. Once a cavity appears on the tooth, you need to see a doctor in time, otherwise the small cavity will develop into a large cavity and eventually cause dental neuralgia.

Pulpitis: The outer surface of the tooth is very hard. When there is inflammation inside, a large amount of exudate will be produced. The exudate has nowhere to be excreted, which will cause the internal pressure of the tooth to increase, compress the nerve and cause pain.

Apical periodontitis: This is the most serious stage of tooth infection, which has reached the point where it penetrates into the alveolar bone. If you continue to not receive treatment, the infection will not only exist for a long time, but also easily induce other diseases.

Periodontitis: Periodontitis can cause the gums and alveolar bone to recede, exposing the space between the teeth that should have been occupied by the gums and alveolar bone, making the patient feel that the gap between the teeth is getting bigger and bigger.

Tooth sensitivity: The gums will recede with age. The exposed roots are prone to wear and dentine exposure. These parts are prone to sensitivity and soreness when encountering hot and cold food.

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