25 03 2021

What are the difficulties in dental chair design?

Dentists will use dental chairs during examinations. Although dental chairs look very simple, in fact, the design of dental chairs is also difficult. What are the specific difficulties? The dental

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17 03 2021

How to choose to ensure the quality of the dental chair?

During dental treatment, dental chairs often leave a deep impact on us. It is easy to operate and has complete functions, and is a good helper for dentists. Whether it is orthodontics, tooth extractio

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12 03 2021

The quality of dental chairs directly affects the normal business of dental clinics.

In dentistry, most people go for treatment, and some people are for dental treatment and beauty. In the dental department, doctors are indispensable, and the most important equipment is dental chair a

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05 03 2021

How to install the dental chair correctly?

Dental chair is essential medical equipment for dentists. In recent years, the application of a large number of new technologies has made dental chair equipment more humane. The comprehensive dental t

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01 03 2021

How to choose and replace the dental equipment on the dental unit chair

        There are a lot of equipment used in dental diagnosis and treatment, and new dental unit chair equipment are also emerging in endlessly. For a dentist, how to buy and repla

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