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Many parents will have this wrong idea in the minds of many parents. No matter how bad their teeth were when they were young, they will get good teeth when they grow up. In fact, it is not the case. Pediatric dentistry experts tell you that this is an extremely wrong idea. Children’s teeth are not healthy when they are young, and there will be many problems with their replacement teeth. A good tooth is not only beautiful and delicious, but also fragrant when eating. Therefore, protecting teeth should start from childhood.

Do not brush your teeth too hard, which will touch the gums, which will not only not protect the teeth well, but will also have the opposite effect. Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of dietary fiber, and dietary fiber is a very important cellulose for the human body. Regular intake of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy products and whole grains rich in calcium, vitamin C and cellulose can increase chewing activities and reduce plaque retention , Promote periodontal health, prevent periodontal disease, and prevent caries, mucosal disease and oral cancer.

Habits such as excessive intake of sugary and carbonated beverages or drinking beverages before going to bed can significantly increase the risk of acid erosion in children and adolescents. It is recommended to reduce the intake of carbonated beverages to avoid harm to the teeth, and choose water instead of beverages in daily life. It is hoped that parents will take their children for regular oral examinations, and it is generally recommended to have an oral examination every six months. May the children be healthy and have good teeth forever.

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