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Do you know what is the hardest organ in the human body? That's right, teeth. Its hardness is worthy of ranking first on the human body, so where does the tooth rank on the list of natural hardness? According to the Mohs hardness standard proposed by the German mineralogist Moss in 1822, the hardness of metal gold and silver commonly found in nature is level 3, while our teeth have reached level 7. If you want to go to the dental hospital to treat your teeth, you can observe carefully The material used for the drill bit used for the lower drill is the hardest thing in nature. That is to say, diamonds with a hardness of 10 can be achieved, and only in this way can teeth with a hardness of 7 be processed.

Since the tooth is so hard, where does its hardness come from? The answer is dentin, tooth enamel and tooth enamel. Dentin is the main body of the tooth. Cementum is a thin layer of bone-like tissue that surrounds the surface of the tooth root, while enamel is a layer of translucent milky white material about 2 mm thick that surrounds the cementum. It is human bone. The hardest part of the substance, like a protective cover, guards our teeth. The hexagonal prism-shaped glaze pillars and their interstitials are arranged regularly and densely.

Although the teeth are so hard, they are not invincible. In addition to the easy injury of teeth in emergencies in life, acids are also invisible killers that threaten dental health. Especially the carbonated beverages that we usually drink, because it will destroy the foundation of enamel-enamel pillars, reduce the hardness of enamel, and cause teeth to be easily worn out. The most important thing is that tooth enamel is different from dentin. It does not have any cell structure or circulatory system. It can only rely on dentin to support and obtain nutrients, and cannot repair itself. Once it is accidentally damaged, the dentin inside is exposed. Lost teeth will be at risk like a house without a roof. After a long period of time, it is easy to form dental calculus, gum swelling and pain, or even tooth loss. In severe cases, it will have a greater impact on our lives. In our daily life, brushing Good teeth are the best maintenance of teeth. Therefore, scientific tooth brushing is particularly important. Under normal circumstances, we should brush our teeth at least twice a day in the morning and at night for at least two minutes each time. Secondly, we must use dental floss frequently and use fluoride toothpaste to prevent dental caries.

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