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From the appearance of teeth, the entire tooth is composed of three parts: crown, root and neck. Usually the part we can see in the mouth is the crown. The crown is the part of the outer layer of the tooth covered by the enamel, and it is also the main part of the chewing function. Under normal circumstances, most of the crown is exposed in the mouth. It is a clinical crown.

Tooth root is the part that is fixed in the alveolar socket and covered by cementum. It is the supporting part of the tooth, and its shape and number vary with the function. The junction between the crown and the root is an arc-shaped curve, which is called the tooth neck, also known as the neck margin or neck line. The tooth body is composed of four layers: enamel, cementum, dentin and pulp. Tooth enamel constitutes the surface layer of the tooth crown. It is the white translucent calcified hard tissue on the outer layer of the tooth crown. Its hardness is second only to diamond.

Dentin is the main body of the tooth. It is located in the inner layer of enamel and cementum. It is also the side wall of the pulp cavity and root canal. It is light yellow in color. It contains about 30% organic matter and water, and 70% inorganic matter. The enamel is hard. When the dentin is exposed, it can feel the external cold, heat, sour, sweet and other stimuli, which can cause pain.

Cementum is the yellowish hard tissue that forms the surface of the tooth root. It is thinner and contains about 45%-50% inorganic matter. Its hardness is similar to that of bone tissue. Pulp: The dental pulp is the cellular tissue filled in the pulp cavity, containing blood vessels, nerves and lymph. It is the only soft tissue in the tooth tissue. Pulp nerves are particularly sensitive to external stimuli and can produce unbearable severe pain.

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