How to choose to ensure the quality of the dental chair?

During dental treatment, dental chairs often leave a deep impact on us. It is easy to operate and has complete functions, and is a good helper for dentists. Whether it is orthodontics, tooth extraction or tooth cleaning, it can play a big role. So, how do you choose to buy a dental chair?

1. The price of dental chairs is a primary consideration. How can we ensure the quality of dental chairs without spending money?

First of all, it depends on how big your expected business volume is. If your expected business volume is very small and the budget is not large, then it is recommended that you buy a pneumatic hydraulic dental chair. This dental chair has a low price but poor durability. If it is a dental clinic with a good business volume, the main consideration is electric dental chairs.

What is an air-operated hydraulic dental chair? Pneumatic control dental chair refers to the use of air film to control the movement of the mobile phone. The main feature is a disc foot switch, which uses hydraulic pressure to control the movement of the chair. It has a hydraulic pump and a hydraulic tube. Why is it said that it has poor durability? It is mainly compared with the electronic control motor type dental unit. Electronic control refers to the use of solenoid valves to control the action of the mobile phone. The main feature is a multifunctional foot switch or an electronically controlled foot switch. The motor refers to the motor controlling the movement of the chair position.

The dental chair produced in Europe is mainly controlled by the motor, and the small motor that controls the back of the chair can be seen by opening the chair surface. Therefore, when you expect a large amount of business, you should choose this dental chair as much as possible, it is more durable, but the price is relatively high.

Of course, more and more dental clinics now use electric dental chairs as their main dental equipment.

2. After selecting the dental chair model, it depends on whether the configuration is suitable for you. If you are an oral physician and do not need strong suction, you can omit strong suction (if strong suction is not an option but a standard part). In fact, two mobile phones are a luxurious configuration, and you can reduce one according to your needs.

Dental Chair

3. To identify the quality of the comprehensive dental treatment machine, we must observe from the following aspects.

First, observe the appearance of the machine to see if the joints of the shells are tightly connected. If the gap is large, it indicates that the quality is not good enough.

Then, take a look at the finish and processing accuracy of the metal fittings. The metal fittings here mainly refer to the three-purpose spray gun and the mobile phone sleeve. If they are rough, it means that the quality is not good. Then open the shell to observe the heart of the chair position control: the motor or the oil pump.

When buying a dental chair, don't just focus on the price, the price/performance ratio is very important. The choice of the type of dental chair is related to the volume of business. The pneumatic-controlled hydraulic type is used for small quantities, and the electric dental chair is used for large quantities. In addition, the quality of dental chairs should be distinguished from many aspects.

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