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The oral cavity is one of the body's most bacteria-rich organs, and it is also the fragile organ that is most vulnerable to becoming cancer. Oral health is a problem that everyone cannot avoid and must pay attention to. Today, let’s talk about oral health.

Brushing teeth is something we do every day, the purpose is to maintain oral health, and it is best to do it in the morning and evening, so as to reduce the growth of bacteria in the oral cavity, and can also play a role in refreshing breath and whitening teeth.
There are also a lot of bacteria in the mouth after meals. Although it is not as troublesome as brushing your teeth, it is better to develop the habit of gargle after meals, which can help the complete removal of dental bacteria and remove the food residues attached to the surface of the teeth. clean.

According to the size of your mouth, choose a toothbrush with a small brush head that can rotate in your mouth. The best toothbrush is a soft toothbrush that feels comfortable to use and has a good grip. In addition, you must master the correct way of brushing your teeth: pay attention to the bristles facing up when brushing the upper row of teeth, and the bristles facing down when brushing the lower row of teeth; each time you brush 2 to 3 teeth, the bristles will vibrate 10 times in a short distance before and after, and the toothbrush will move when vibrating. Only about 1mm, then gently brush; when brushing the inner side of the teeth, the brush head should be erected and brushed with a single brush. Before brushing, shake at the root of the tooth first. Combine the above correct operation methods, and then brush the upper left cheek side, the lip side of the upper anterior teeth, and the upper right cheek side first, and then the lower right cheek side, the lower anterior teeth’s labial side and the lower left cheek side. In the choice between toothpicks and dental floss, dental floss must be selected in oral care, so that it can better clean the dirt on the surface of the teeth, and it can also reduce the damage to the teeth.

When eating, in order to maintain oral health, you must ensure that the food can be adequately chewed during the chewing process. This can help the teeth’s bite force and also secrete sufficient saliva, which is very helpful for killing viruses and bacteria. , It will naturally protect the oral cavity. Eat less sweet and sticky foods such as toffee, chocolate, desserts, and ice cream, drink less sweet drinks, and try to eat before and after the main meal, and brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after eating. Teeth are a very important part of our body, so we must check regularly to prevent the appearance of dental diseases and also have a good guarantee for the health of the oral cavity.

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