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  • The quality of dental chairs directly affects the normal business of dental clinics

The quality of dental chairs directly affects the normal business of dental clinics

In dentistry, most people go for treatment, and some people are for tooth treatment and beauty. In the dental department, doctors are indispensable, and the most important one is dental chairs and dental comprehensive treatment chairs. Important equipment for treatment. The quality and performance of dental chairs directly affect the business development and professional image of the outpatient clinic, so the selection and purchase of dental chairs is very important and critical.

1. First of all, the hygiene of dental chairs.

Whether there are any sanitary blind spots, sanitary blind spots refer to parts that are difficult to clean or cannot be cleaned. Some lamp arms have rubber sleeves to cover the joints and keep them beautiful. In a strict sense, these rubber sleeves are also sanitary corners and will retain bacteria. The chair surface material can be disinfected with a disinfectant (such as alcohol), if not, it does not meet the hygiene requirements. Strong and weak suction can be equipped with disposable straws, such as the equipped straws can be used repeatedly, and can withstand high temperature disinfection at 135 degrees. Of course, the multi-function foot switch and the non-inductive light are all to meet the needs of hygiene.

2. After-sales service of dental chairs, especially the repair of dental chairs.

Many doctors have found that some companies rarely provide after-sales service or do not provide services after selling their products. After the machine fails, it cannot be repaired immediately, causing a lot of unnecessary losses. Dental chairs should be relatively complete in terms of after-sales service and have a warranty commitment, so that they can really save us worry, time and money.

3. The installation of dental chairs is very important.

If the installation and debugging are not in place, problems will also occur, which every experienced engineer will understand.

4. Dental chairs operation training is very important.

Many failures are caused by improper installation and debugging, or improper use by doctors. Therefore, the training of dentists by dental equipment companies is very important. Some engineers do not train doctors and leave after work. When the doctor finds this situation, he will stop him from requesting training.

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