What to pay attention to when installing dental equipment

Things to pay attention to when installing dental equipment:

When installing dental equipment, pay attention to the voltage, current, power and other technical parameters of these equipment, choose appropriate sockets, and install fuses. Some large equipment, such as X-ray machines, should also have a regulated power supply to ensure the quality of work . All technical parameters must comply with the equipment manufacturer's regulations, and don't be careful, otherwise the manufacturer will not be responsible for problems.

After the dental equipment is installed, there is still debugging work. Clinic staff must seriously consult the technicians who install and debug the equipment, master the operation method, and after trial, ensure that the equipment runs normally. If the equipment is not working properly, the supplier is responsible for replacing the inappropriate parts until the entire equipment is replaced. Similar to automobiles, relatively large and complex equipment has a running adaptation process. After six months to one year of use, it is necessary to do a comprehensive inspection and maintenance again, and then you can enter the routine maintenance program. These tasks should be completed by the equipment supplier.

When dental equipment is installed, the air consumption of the air compressor and the dental chair should match. The working pressure of the floor box of each dental chair should be 4.5kg/cm², the working pressure of the high-speed handpiece should be controlled at 2.2kg/cm², and the working pressure of the low-speed handpiece (pneumatic) should be controlled at 3.0kg/cm². The front-end air compressor of the oral cavity must be oil-free and water-free. Imported dental air compressors can meet the requirements of oil-free and water-free, but the noise is relatively large and the cost is relatively expensive. Generally speaking, it is often difficult to guarantee the supply of parts for imported machines, and there are certain difficulties in maintenance. In addition, the motor and the compressor are mostly connected as a whole, one part is broken, the other part cannot work normally, and the maintenance will have a certain impact on the work of the clinic.

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