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"Toothache is not a disease, it hurts really terribly". For this sentence, everyone must have a deep experience, because many people have suffered from dental caries, and it is common for them to be too painful to eat. They bleed as soon as they brush their teeth. The pain was unbearable, and finally had to go to the hospital to prescribe medicine, rinse and repair the teeth, otherwise, the roots of the teeth would rot. Not only wisdom teeth can cause toothache, but many dental diseases can cause toothache and affect health.

So, what are the skills that Yunnan Bamboo Dental teaches everyone to protect oral health? Let’s take a look: The most important thing to protect your teeth is to brush your teeth sooner or later, especially at night. There will be residues left in your teeth from what you have eaten during the day. If you don’t brush your teeth for a long time, your teeth will become unhealthy. A clean mouth is the foundation of a healthy life. We must keep our mouth clean every day, and brush our teeth carefully every time, not less than three minutes, so as to reduce the germination of dental caries.

Try to reduce the harmful bacteria in the oral cavity, because most of the bacteria in the oral cavity are harmful bacteria that endanger the health of teeth and body. Eat less candy, especially children, tell them to eat less sugary foods. If you eat too much sugary foods, you will get tooth decay. Don't eat hard things: Many people use their teeth to open beer bottle caps. This is a very bad habit. Although they don't feel it when they are young, once they grow older, their teeth will deteriorate faster.

Regular replacement: Toothbrush and dental cylinder should be replaced every 3 months to keep the toothbrush and dental cylinder clean. If you find that your teeth are sick, you should seek medical attention promptly. In case of tooth decay, bad teeth should be repaired or removed. Brush your teeth correctly: Even if you brush your teeth often, it can't clean your teeth. Therefore, you must use the correct brushing method: vertical brushing, vibrating, and physiological brushing.

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